People in Blå

Inge Takle Mæstad
Inge is our manager and dedicated sales director with high knowledge and understanding of our client’s challenges. He is educated as a teacher and has broad communication experience from political work. He has worked in Blå since 2001, and he has been responsible for several extensive projects both within the shipping and offshore industry.

Finn Skoglund
Finn is our inspiring creative director and Crew Resource Management specialist continuously meeting crew and officers worldwide. He is educated within film and mass media and has broad experience with corporate films, documentaries and educational films. He established Fasett Blå in 1987 which later turned into Blå Mediamentor. Today his main responsibilities are related to MCRM, strategy, direction and creative management.

Rasmus Anker Sommerseth
Rasmus is our investigating journalist with a Master degree in risk management and societal safety from the University of Stavanger. He has experience from the second largest newspaper in Stavanger, Rogalands Avis, both on paper and the web, in addition to editorial work. At Blå, Rasmus’s work mainly involves strategy, concepts and text.

Silje Andresen
Silje is our generous learning advisor with a Master degree in educational science from the University of Oslo. She has experience from Statoil and the supply industry, among other as pedagogical advisor in Statoil’s work with the Compliance and Leadership model, Drilling and well intervention and the Project Academy. At Blå, Silje works with strategy, concept, learning and project management.

Arne Morten Rosnes
Arne Morten is our structured mechanical engineer with a Master’s degree in communication and cultural studies from Australia. He has background from communication work in national and international NGO’s, and many years of experience developing interactive training programs for the oil & gas industry. At Blå, Arne Morten works with strategy, concept, learning and project management.