Frontline – Building a strong safety culture

Blå is Frontline’s partner in maintaining their high focus on safe and efficient operations. The main purpose of the programme is to show crew and officers the importance of teamwork and ensure that the Human factor is always taken into consideration. The programme is based on the Maritime Crew Resource Management (MCRM) principles.Safety meeting film2

Project goals

Frontline wants all crew members to apply the MCRM-method in everything they do. Everybody should understand that safety is not something they have, but that it is something they must create every day.

Our solution

Since 2002, Blå has produced different material to ensure holistic learning and a continuous focus on the MCRM-method as a tool to ensure safe and efficient operations. This includes: booklets, films, safety conferences and training for officers, workbooks, safety coach training, newsletters and interactive learning programs. This has given high awareness of the human factor and MCRM among crew and safe and efficient operations.

About Frontline

Frontline Ltd. is one of the world leaders in the international seaborne transportation of crude oil, with one of the world’s largest fleets of VLCC and Suezmax tankers. In spite of changing markets, safety has always been prioritized.

Blå is in an ongoing cooperation with Frontline and their ship managements, enabling all vessels to have a good safety culture, focusing on MCRM through officers’ conferences and safety meetings on board. Each vessel has their own Safety toolbox containing relevant safety training material.

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