Dolphin Drilling – Comprehensive safety training

Blå has assisted Dolphin Drilling in establishing and maintaining a comprehensive safety training program. Through various films and e-learning programs we provide safety training for general- and safety critical operations.

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Project goals

Dolphin Drilling wants to ensure that all personnel know and understand the importance of following their 4-step process in all operations. They also want to highlight that all activities, whether offshore or onshore, are connected to each other, and that their management system is the only guide when performing safety critical operations.

Our solution

In cooperation with Dolphin Drilling, Blå has developed a hierarchical training system starting with a basic HSE training program for all personnel. This program creates the foundation for several other training activities designed for different departments and working operations. Leaders, safety delegates and onshore personnel also have their own dedicated course modules enabling robust management practices and a commitment to safe and efficient operations.


About Dolphin Drilling

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Dolphin Drilling is a well-established name in offshore drilling. The company has operated in all the major offshore oil and gas provinces in the world. Their reputation is built upon a common culture, robust management practices, a commitment to safety and efficient contract delivery. Blå has been cooperating with Dolphin Drilling since 2002.


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