V.Ships Asia – From acceptable to excellent

Blå is assisting V.Ships Asia in the process to change “from acceptable to excellent”.

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Project goals

V.Ships Asia wants to become one of the best ship management companies in their region. Blå was challenged to help them reach their goals.

Our solution

To identify the challenges in V.Ships Asia we conducted a survey among their customers. We asked them about their impression of V.Ship Asia, their strengths and their weaknesses. A similar survey was done among V.Ships’ employees.

In a joint workshop, together with the management and employees at V.Ships Asia, we discussed the results of these surveys and agreed upon a process of change.

The first subject to be addressed was team & leadership and how to build a uniform culture among all employees. Several actions were agreed upon in the second workshop, and we are excited to follow V.Ships Asia in their process to change from acceptable to excellent.

About V.Ships AsiaVSHIP ASIA-02-01

V.Ships SMD encompasses a network of 18 ship management offices supported by the Divisional Team based in Glasgow. V.Ships offers technical, risk management, procurement and financial expertise and experience. V.Ships Asia is ….