Wallenius Marine – Growing Great Together

Blå is engaged to facilitate Wallenius Marine to develop a strong company culture that bonds everybody in Wallenius – across positions, ranks and departments both on board and ashore, and staff from different cultural back grounds.


The content is based on findings in the Wallenius “Great Place to Work” survey, a common workshop and Maritime Resource Management (MRM) training already conducted in Wallenius.

Our solution

To involve all personnel, we have developed measures that will involve crew and office staff in several arenas. Cultural changes cannot be implemented through a single conference, film or booklet. The following measures have been developed with following in mind:

  • Through a culture film and booklet, we will define and describe the culture we are aiming to achieve. They will build on the proud history and solid background of Wallenius and drawing the road map for the years ahead, highlighting the desired culture.
  • Through company conferences in Stockholm and Singapore we will involve key personnel from the onshore organization and the vessels. Together the participants will agree upon mutual expectations, sharing knowledge and best practice of how to support the change process having a common arena for all Wallenius personnel.
  • Participants that have completed a company conference will be “certified” as change agents in the culture programme.
  • Culture meetings are pre-made meetings with topics according to the goals and identified challenges in the culture programme. The methodology is based on involvement where personnel will commit themselves to actions for improvement.
  • Suggested actions for improvement will be shared with the rest of the fleet and offices through a newsletter.
  • Through ship visits we will mentor the crew and ensure a thorough understanding of the progress and status of the culture programme.

About Wallenius Shippingwallenius_shipping_cmyk_logo

For the past 80 years, Wallenius Shipping has been at the forefront of the international shipping industry. With a strong focus on innovative technical and environmental solutions, they form one of the world’s leading shipping and logistics groups within the car carrier segment. The shipping group consists of two core businesses; Wallenius Lines, the shareholder in several global shipping companies and owner of some 40 RoRo vessels and Wallenius Marine, responsible for ship management and ship design for the Wallenius owned fleet.http://www.walleniusmarine.com/