Solvang shipping – Keeping the standard high

Blå supports Solvang in their work to continuously ensure high quality shipping operations. Through a monthly meeting schedule we maintain a high awareness on quality and safety among crew and officers at all times – even when everything is going according to plan.

Safety and quality meetings Solvang

Project goals

At present, Solvang Shipping run high quality operations with remarkable good vetting results. It is easy to lower your guard and relax when things run smooth and easy. That is why Solvang wanted a proactive approach to highlight important areas and work continuously for further improvement. Blå was challenged to assist Solvang to maintain their high standards on board.

Our solution

Through weekly meetings important safety and quality issues are highlighted through presentations and group discussions. Some meetings use films, produced by Blå, to strengthen the message. The monthly subject is visualized through a poster to remind the crew about this month’s focus area. Challenges and solutions agreed upon in the meetings are shared with the entire fleet.

About Solvang

Solvang ASA is one of the world’s leading transporters of LPG and petrochemical gases. They have a fleet of modern and efficient vessels, all built in accordance to the most up to date specifications and fitted with new and efficient technology.

Blå has been working with Solvang since 2007, developing various safety and quality training material ranging from workbooks and calendars to interactive training programs, safety meetings and films.