Archer – Providing knowledge about leadership

Blå is engaged by Archer to develop an e-learning course about leadership in Archer. The course should motivate and give leaders new knowledge and tools about how to practice good leadership.

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Project goals

After completing this e-learning program, leaders in Archer should:

  • Be familiar with the Archers business performance pyramid
  • Know what good leadership is
  • Know how to perform good leadership
  • And know how to manage conflicts


Our solution

To ensure learning, the e-learning program consists of various learning elements. In addition to presentation of theory and best practice, the leaders will be involved in case stories, reflection tasks and short exercises. We use different kind of media, including models, film, text and voiceover

Blå has also developed e-learning courses for Archer about risk and the role of the instructor.

About ArcherArcherWell_logo

Archer is a global oilfield service company with more than 40 years’ experience, over 8,000 employees and operations in more than 100 locations worldwide. From drilling services, production optimization, well integrity and intervention to decommissioning, Archer is focused on safely delivering the highest quality services and products to the drilling and well service markets.