MacGregor – Improving the safety attitude and reinforcing the safety culture

Blå is engaged to help MacGregor improve its safety attitude and reinforce the safety culture within the Global Lifecycle Support division. The overall goal is NO ACCIDENTS!


Project goals

Through the project, we aim to develop a culture within MacGregor where:

  • We share the responsibility of safety across the organisation.
  • We know we always get support from our management when it comes to safety.
  • We identify and mitigate risk as a part of our daily work.
  • We dare to speak out if we have doubts or even stop a job if it’s not safe.

Our solution

Attitudes and culture are not built through one meeting or during one week. Another challenge in the project is that the MacGregor employees in the Global Lifecycle Support division are working all over the world. Taking this into consideration, Blå proposed measures that meet the employees on different arenas over a long period of time.

  • A safety training app where interactive training modules, safety news and lessons learnt are published on a regular basis, easily accessible for employees on different devices.
  • Safety Ambassadors who guide employees into MacGregor’s safety culture.
  • Presentations and key notes to be used  in face to face meetings in different branches.


PS! On June 1 2017 Brave to be Safe was shortlisted for a Safety at sea award, competing about the Best Crew Development and Training programme.


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