BW Gas – One uniform company culture

Blå assisted BW Gas in their work to strengthen and implement one uniform BW culture in their Nigeria fleet. A common BW culture ensures safe and efficient operations across national and cultural identities among crew.

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Project goals

It is of great importance for BW Gas to have a strong BW and safety culture on board their vessels. This is due to the many nationalities working on board their vessels and their high risk transport goods. They wanted to communicate their values, focus on challenges working in a multicultural organization and to ensure that their safety expectations, particularly on human factors and how to work in a team, was incorporated in every crew member.

Our solution

Based on surveys conducted on several of BWs vessels, Blå developed various communication and training material. This included facilitation of officer’s conferences, culture and safety meetings, films, newsletters and workbooks. This material is a part of a comprehensive training program where personnel on all levels are involved. The crew members are also involved in activities where they agree upon measures that help them create one BW culture. The status of this work is measured on a regular basis.

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BW Group is one of the world’s leading maritime groups in the tanker, gas and offshore segments. They provide reliable energy transportation and infrastructure services across the energy value chain. BW own and operate a fleet of quality vessels which are managed by competent and experienced staff.

Blå is involved in long term cooperation with BW Gas.

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