NSB – Strengthening their teams as safety barriers

Blå has assisted NSB Passenger and Train Division in their work to ensure safe operations. The importance of the human factor has been highlighted through two films.


Scene i fra filmen produsert for NSB
Scene i fra filmen produsert for NSB


NSB focus on Crew Resource Management as a risk mitigating tool in their operations. During the last years all personnel have attended CRM-training.

Blå was challenged to produce films illustrating the importance of the human factor.

One of the films is based on a well-known incident that happened on board one of their trains some years ago. This incident is reconstructed. Through the film various human factors are discussed according to the principles of CRM.

Through the films we highlight the human factor and teamwork as safety barriers on board. Our goal is that these films will help employees in NSB to become more aware of what may distract our concentration and lead to errors, says Finn Skoglund, creative director in Blå Mediamentor.

Blå Mediamentor works with some of the world’s leading shipping companies, rig operators and oil companies to strengthen their safety culture and enable safe and efficient operations.

This is the first time we work with railway operations, but their operations have many similarities with operations within the shipping or offshore industry. They also need strong teams that can function as a safety barrier, concludes Finn Skoglund.



NSB Group is a Nordic transportation group. Passenger transport by bus and rail and freight traffic by rail, property development and train maintenance are the main activities. NSB Passenger and train Division operates most passenger train services in Norway. Approximately 60,million journeys are made per year on NSB trains in Norway.